5 NHL Betting Tips

5 NHL Betting Tips

Looking to make a splash in your sportsbook this fall? Think about betting on the least popular of the four major North American professional sports: The NHL.

For the uninitiated, betting on the hockey doesn’t need to be some wildly intimidating venture. Just consider these five NHL Betting tips before wagering your first dollar…

  1. Repeatedly Research

Start with the basics.

Like any other sport, it’s important to do your homework in order to bet on the NHL with repeated success. Goals against average, power-play efficiency, home record versus away — These are just a few of the many elements worth weighing before deciding which bets you want to take.

Also, don’t overlook recent trends when evaluating the numbers. Hockey, not unlike baseball, is one of those oddly streaky sports where teams can win or lose games in bunches depending on the time of year, composition of the lineup or other variable factors.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Underdog

Thanks to the general structure of hockey and the way an average NHL season pans out, betting the underdog in hockey is a great way to rake in rewards. Winners and losers are usually determined by just a few plays and one or two goals. Additionally, the NHL employs one of the most stringent salary caps in professional sports to promote a more even distribution of talent.

Translation? — Almost any team, regardless of record, can beat any other on a given night.

Having said that, don’t just go throwing money on every underdog stepping out on the ice — be smart with your selections and choose battles wisely.

  1. Pass on the Parlay

When it comes to the NHL, don’t waste your time on the parlay. Yes, the allure of hitting it big is enticing, but the payout is high because it’s unlikely of ever happening.

Bet the single game action.

No, it’s not as much of a thrill, but it will ultimately lead to higher returns.

  1. Think About a 3-Way

Generally, people like to stick to the money line for NHL betting and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, the 3-Way Line is an interesting alternative that allows bettors to make a lower investment on the favorite when they don’t like the price on the money line.

It is important to note that — whether putting money on the favorite, underdog or a tie — the game ends in regulation. At the sound of the horn in the third period the bet is final: overtimes and shootouts do not apply.

For the NHL-purist, this bet is a great way to revisit the game when it actually could end in a tie, because it involves betting on the end of regulation result.

  1. Tackling the Total

Simply put, this is the NHL’s version of the over/under play. Oddsmakers will lay out the total number of goals they expect to be scored in a given game and the bettor decides whether the actual result will be more or less.

Know that most NHL games will — on average — feature between 5 and 6 goals per contest. With that in mind, look for any outliers and find out why bookmakers are giving more or less on a given game:

Does it feature two hot goalies?

Are the teams in question strong at the blueline and weak up front?

Pay attention to what’s happening around the league and the Total bet can become one of the most profitable you make.

And finally don’t forget to keep notes on your NHL Handicapping, record what works and what doesn’t. Before long you will be cashing winners consistently.

Have your own NHL betting tips? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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